Introducing Mama Bear Digital: A First of its Kind Agency.

After Forbes Women’s Summit, I think it’s time to share my little secret of nearly two months. I may have been hinting at it the past few weeks but I think it’s time I shared something with all of you. Given that last week was my 30th birthday, I’ve made my “decade resolution” to follow my dreams of making this a reality. A lifelong dream of mine, this crazy but business-savvy model has been inspired by seeing the tremendous growth over only two years working with a dear friend and mentee who has found her confidence, power, and passion in tech. We have founded and laid the groundwork for a completely new agency model: Mama Bear Digital.


It’s Just Good Business, For the Agency and the Clients.

All agencies have associates; ours are mature, driven, hard-working, and deeply determined women who are making a career change or hoping to return to the workforce after a period of time off with motherhood. I’ve brought along some of my most talented, well-rounded colleagues to help guide, mentor, and direct our team of associates to work with clients to drive excellence in every project. Rooted in my long-time passion for helping women break into digital and technical careers, as a mission-driven, unique mentorship-focused agency, Mama Bear Digital provides highly-experienced, award-winning consulting services to help businesses grow while also serving a much-needed shift in the digital field.

At Forbes Women, I had a conversation with a leader within Girls Who Code, one of my favorite organizations. She said, “I’m so glad you’re going after this; I cannot tell you how many times we have been asked ‘what about the moms?’ while working with girls.” Educated, successful women pay it forward to their children and provide a blueprint for a better life. Start with the moms, and you will benefit the whole family. In addition, these women know how to work hard, are self-starters, excited to learn every single day, and deeply passionate about creating INCREDIBLE work for their clients.


The Need: Student Debt & Generational Poverty– A Real Way Forward.

When I have talked with countless women, so many believe that technical or digital careers are utterly beyond their intellect and education. Most women believe that they would have to take on massive student debt in order to get a four-year degree in a subject such as Computer Science. SO NOT TRUE!!!  While I did get my BA, I did so as a single mom while actively working in this field. I’m living proof that before someone has their degree, they can make REAL money, even before you walk the state. For years, I have been encouraging women to pursue affordable, real skill-based, career applicable programs that take weeks or a few months, not years and tens of thousands of dollars of debt. Some of our associates have been in cycles of poverty for generations, have left abusive marriages, or have become single mothers without support. The self-esteem a real career trajectory can give women is unbelievable; something I’ve seen time and again. Let’s be real, if the American Psychological Association publishes medical research about it, it’s not a small issue. Even if they choose to eventually go back to school, it’s an entirely different situation once they have the income and the self-confidence that a real career gives them.

My ultimate inspiration for this undertaking is my friend and partner Bon. I unintentionally became her mentor over the past couple of years. She went from having no vacation or belief in her own power to a kick-butt, tech supergeek addicted to learning new skills and driven to not only get by, but build a dynamic, empowering career. She’s my partner in crime, and a daily reason for my drive to bring this opportunity to more women.


Women Lifting Each Other Up and Having Each Other’s Backs!

Those of you in digital fields: did you ever feel like you were overwhelmed and needed a “phone a friend” or true mentorship as you were taking off the training wheels, even if you knew you had the skillsets? If you’ve changed careers midway or been a stay at home mom for a length of time, were you overwhelmed by the prospect of it setting you back in your career, perhaps permanently? What if you returned to the workforce, not only with a completely, excuse the term but, badass well-rounded skillset, demonstrated client experience, a portfolio of work, and an amazing network? Pretty darn awesome.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on an incredible team of women leaders in the past. My incredible team and I are living examples of exactly how becoming tech nerds and lifelong obsessive learners can utterly transform your life and your self-confidence. We’ve brought together a truly remarkable group of women (and one very brave man mentor) of highly experienced well-rounded leaders as well as well-trained, driven team players new to the field. We’re so excited to show you how you can get high-end, collaborative agency service working with a group of transparent, down to earth consultants who treat your business and your budget as if it were our own. 


Reasons to Work With Mama Bear Digital.

We’re a pretty great group of highly talented professionals, if we might say so ourselves. Our mentors and our associates have been carefully selected and invited to participate based on their skillsets, drive, work ethic, and team-focused attitude. No matter how talented, there are no jerks here. We all share a common mission: working on the whole team’s professional development while providing high-end agency services to our incredible clients. As a client, you get to work with the best of the best while being able to be on budget and having a team committed to collaborating with you as seamlessly as possible.

  • High-quality & holistic strategy for brand, creative, digital, marketing, and technology consulting at a fantastic price point. We approach strategy based on the context of many factors, and you don’t have to find a consultancy for each separately.
  • We’re honest, transparent, and relatable people who will advise you about what you REALLY need, and not what gives us the most profit. We treat your business and budget like we would treat our own, whether you’re a large corporation or a startup or nonprofit.
  • Instead of the traditional agency model of hourly rates, we work with clients with clearly scoped out per-project or monthly budgets. Our estimates are going to be accurate as long as we stick to the project outline as written up, and if we need to adjust budget you will be a participant in that discussion and decision.
  • All deliverables and strategy plans are discussed and reviewed by multiple consultants and clients are encouraged to be an active part of the process. We work WITH you as an extension of your team, not siloed in our own “agency world.”
  • You will have access to our project management, timeline, and a participant in the conversation around your projects. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like, and always have access to us and our processes on an ongoing basis.
  • We know tech and we’re creative and skilled problem solvers; we are happy to help you solve any and all logistical, software, and digital dilemmas. We have agency discounts to many and will always offer honest, budget-friendly software & tool recommendations.
  • If you’re starting a business, we understand how it is and can work with you, whether as a monthly payment plan. It’s an overwhelming thing, and we’re happy to break it down into individual easy-to-understand pieces and give you the tools and training to do it yourself on an ongoing basis wherever you want to.
  • Hopefully, you believe in our mission and our vision and want to help us build a scalable model of “intentional mentorship” as not only good for the mentee, but good for all involved and a financially sound business practice and not only a charitable focus.

– Lily