Karter Montessori Scope Questions for Linh

Thank you for completing so that we can get the proposal to you ASAP. Once an estimate is approved, we will have a longer, more specific questionnaire to help make sure that we're executing the project in the same direction you have envisioned, in terms of content, aesthetic, and function.
Number of Pages
How many pages do you expect the site to be? It can be an approximate range.
How Many Page Layout Styles?
Ie: Home Page, About Page, A Page Style for Subject Areas or Age Groups, a Nutrition Page, etc.
Do You Need Professional Copywriting?
We will need the basic overview from you, but we can also provide professional content writing.
What is the Target Delivery Date?
I think we can be a bit aggressive here in terms of timing.
When Do You Expect to Have Content and an Outline Ready?
We can use placeholder text in the interim.
Please Describe any Needed Integrations or Website Features
I will price out in the estimate a lot of options we can add in so that we can discuss all of the options, but I would like to hear your needed features for the initial website build.
Is there anything else we need to know or include in our estimate?
Any further specifications you're looking for, etc.