A unique, women-run, mission-driven agency helping women launch careers in tech working through mentorship with elite experts in brand strategy, design, websites, content & blog, digital marketing, SEO, PPC ads, social media, and more.  We deliver the highest-caliber of digital services while actively empowering women to break the “glass ceiling” of the digital industry and build incredible careers without student loan debt.

Work with the best in the business with affordable pricing per project. Mama Bear Digital is an agency unlike any other.

You study and learn the technical skillsets…and then what?

Sometimes, beginning a career in tech seems to require a phone-a-friend, especially when you’re launching your own freelance business. We work with driven women, often moms returning to the workforce or those in the midst of a career transition, who have been technically trained but who want to work with mentorship from those who have been in the field for years, even for decades. Our leaders have worked with much of the Fortune 500 and the Federal Government but also have extensive experience working with startups and nonprofits to launch and scale their businesses. They’re the real deal. No school or training can give you the same advantage as hands-on collaboration. In tech, as in many things, you learn by doing. We offer (paid) consulting experience working with dozens of real clients on real projects, but under the guidance and direction of some of the best in the business.

Our Wide Range of Services

From brand strategy to full-stack development to SEO, our skillsets are wide and we look forward to collaborating with you and becoming an integrated part of your team.

Crafting Brand Identity & Holistic Brand Strategy

We are experts and thought leaders in brand and brand strategy, From creating logos to helping you develop your narrative to scaling a large-scale global brand, we can help you.

Graphic & Website Design + Development

Whether you need a deep development e-commerce experience, a simple business brochure website, or you are looking for help in print design, we have the expertise.

Social Media Strategy & Full Management

We are experts and thought leaders in brand and brand strategy, From creating logos to helping you develop your narrative to scaling a large-scale global brand, we can help you.

SEO, Keyword Research & Pay Per Click Advertising

There’s a lot of pseudoscience out there about what’s going to get you traffic. We break through the BS, do real research, real cross-testing, and give you real growth.


Compelling Content Marketing, Copywriting & Blog Writing

The truth is, one of the most important things that you can do as a business is authentic thought leadership; whether you need strategic guidance or ongoing support.


Full-Scope Marketing Strategy & Digital Consulting

Our team has been intimately involved in all aspects of general, product, and digital marketing as well as design, development, and technology. Chances are, we’ve got you.

Why Work With Us

We’re a pretty great group of highly talented professionals. Our leaders and our newer consultants have been carefully selected and invited to participate based on their skillsets, drive, work ethic, and team-focused attitude. No matter how talented, there are no jerks here. We all share a common mission: working on the whole team’s professional development while providing high-end agency services to our incredible clients. You get to work with the best of the best while being able to be on budget and having a team committed to collaborating with you as seamlessly as possible.

High-quality & holistic strategy for brand, creative, digital, marketing, and technology consulting at a fantastic price point. We approach strategy based on the context of many factors, and you don’t have to find a consultancy for each separately.

We’re honest, transparent, and relatable people who will advise you about what you REALLY need, and not what gives us the most profit. We treat your business and budget like we would treat our own, whether you’re a large corporation or a startup or nonprofit.

Instead of the traditional agency model of hourly rates, we work with clients with clearly scoped out per-project or monthly budgets. Our estimates are going to be accurate as long as we stick to the project outline as written up, and if we need to adjust budget you will be a participant in that discussion and decision.

All deliverables and strategy plans are discussed and reviewed by multiple consultants and clients are encouraged to be an active part of the process. We work WITH you as an extension of your team, not siloed in our own “agency world”.

You will have access to our project management, timeline, and a participant in the conversation around your projects. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like, and always have access to us and our processes on an ongoing basis.

We know tech and we’re creative and skilled problem solvers; we are happy to help you solve any and all logistical, software, and digital dilemmas. We have agency rates and will always offer honest, budget-friendly software & tool recommendations.

If you’re starting a business, we understand how it is and can work with you, whether as a monthly payment plan. It’s an overwhelming thing, and we’re happy to break it down into individual easy-to-understand pieces and give you the tools and training to do it yourself on an ongoing basis wherever you want to.

Hopefully, you believe in our mission and our vision and want to help us build a scalable model of “intentional mentorship” as not only good for the mentee, but good for all involved and a financially sound business practice and not only a charitable focus.

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